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Winter is Here, Are U ready?

January 28, 2019

We are little over one month into the winter and the flu and cold season is among us. Are you and your family prepared? I’m sure many mamas have gotten a flu vaccination for themselves and their cubs to assist with fighting off this plague. As for myself and the other half of the mamas out there vaccinations are not an option. I'm not here to dispute who's right or wrong we all do what we think is best for our families. Nonetheless I believe both groups should take extra precaution this time of year to make sure we ourselves and our babies stay flu & cold free. 


Having kids in school and especially daycare I cringed at the thought of all the snotty noses running around and the germs being swapped all day long. However I have no control over what happens in school or daycare. My kids always leave out with clean noses and I pray they come home that way. Once we're home I go into active duty with keeping our home sanitized, and our immune system healthy. 


 Here are a few tips that will help you get through this cold and flu season


  • Multi Vitamins

    • Multivitamins contribute to antioxidant health and helps keep your immune system healthy 

    • I use Childlife Multi Vitamin & Mineral

  • Eat fruits and vegetables that combat mucus and bacteria and are rich in Vitamin C. 

    • I always keep pineapples and oranges on hand.  

    • Pineapple fights off mucus and bacteria.

    • Ginger/Ginger Tea helps build the immune system and relieves

       congestion and sore throat

  • Essential oils

    • A kid safe essential oil that helps with colds and congestion is fir needle

    • Fir Needle helps stimulate the immune system and improves respiratory conditions

    • I use Plant Therapy Essential Oil and URPOWER 2nd Version EO Diffuser

  • Keep plenty of tissue around

    • Kleenex has cute designs on their boxes. You may be able to match it up with your home decor

  • Keep hand sanitizer always on deck

  • Disinfect your home as often as possible

    • I use Method wipes and the grapefruit scent smells amazing


Not sure where to start with keeping your family cold and flu free this winter click below




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