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Finish Strong (Update)

November 7, 2018


Heyyyy, I know its been awhile since I had the opportunity to share with you all but your friend has been busy. Whew! You have no idea. I had to roll my sleeves up because I've been adulting, momming and entrepreneuring over time. I went to Serbia for training, taught a microblading class in Philadelphia, hosted a birthday party for my mom, attended basketball games and swimming classes with the kids all while I'm still running my business, searching for a new location and thinking about and creating content for social media and my blog. Not to mention I celebrated my own birthday October 29th ( I wear a size 8 in clothes 9 in shoes, you know just in case) by planning a family photoshoot (which was cute but hectic), while I'm planning another shoot for my permanent makeup business.  I am seriously in overload mode but I can't stop because Black Friday is around the corner, so basically I'm just get started with the heavy work load. Sooooo the goal is to work smarter and not harder, and that sometimes becomes a task in itself for me. How do we do it moms and momprenuers? Even if you don't have your own business you still have to deal with everyday adulting, momming and if you have a husband/partner god help you. And with the holiday season approaching and if you're one of those brave souls who offered to host Thanks Giving dinner (which I hope you don't because its basically celebrating genocide but no judgement here, really it isn't) or Christmas or New Years Eve, you really have some work cut out for you. Trust me I know I've been there and done that and have found ways to avoid all of it and still have happy children who are unfazed by it all, well except my daughter Symphony, she makes it very clear she's into Xmas (smh) but that's another topic.


                     Rolling up my sleeves getting ready to knock out these goals the rest of 2018 


 I don't know about you but this time of year I get super excited and anxious. I watch how most if not all businesses are kicking it into high gear and for me personally it motivates me to get it together, pull in as much revenue as possible, tie up loose ends and keep that momentum for the new year. And not just as a business owner but in my personal life too. As a mom I'm running a household and there are a ton of things I would like to accomplish before the New Year.  Here's a few of my personal and business goals:



Work out consistently (3-4times a week)

Alone time at least once a week. 

Read at least two books (audio version included)

Catch up with friends 

Get back to eating healthy (lawd knows its been a struggle)

Save $100 a week

Write in gratitude journal daily



Create weekly goals and crush them!

Earn more revenue

Market and advertise consistently (including passing out business cards) 

Get organized (personal goal too)

Plan out social media content so that I can: reduce phone time

Work on another stream of income that is passive 


It may seem like a lot but with proper planning and consistency it can be done. Utilize your planners, notebooks or download Mamas Making Moves Daily Planner (I will load on page today) and write down what you need to do to get it done. Put your SMART phone to use, set those alarms clocks, add reminders to your phone, download apps that will help you accomplish you goals. 



  • Prepare by creating a weekly/daily plan, this includes meal prepping. It'll save time and free your brain to work more efficiently 

  • Finish one task at a time. Multitasking is gift many of us do not possess, so don't stress yourself out.

  • Work in intervals. I work for an hour then take a 10-15 minute break. Get a snack, get some fresh air, meditate, make an important phone call and get back to the task at hand 

  • Ask for help when in need. This! It can be so difficult because we as women and mothers have this idea that being strong means exhausting ourselves with tasks that can be outsourced.  You don't have to do that.


Hope this helps, now Lets Finish Strong Mamas!








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