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Self care at its finest

August 6, 2018

About five weeks ago my travel bff and I decided to go on a very last minute, but much needed mamas trip to Negril Jamaica. We kept throwing the idea around but never made any arrangements until maybe a week before the only time the two of us would be available this summer to make this happen. As much as I hate last minute booking it was right on time. A mamas only, kid free, guy free vacation is and was self care at its finest moment for me. Only thing that tops that in the self care world is therapy.


Now I will admit that I felt a little guilty but my last girls trip was five years ago. Two years before I had my daughter. So this was the first time Symphony and I had been away from each other longer then one night and that only happened twice. Needless to say I was too excited that I wouldn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to her screaming my name for me to come get her from her room or Semaj coming in my room an hour after to tell me he has a headache which is code for I want to sleep with you too. That part is why my suitcase was packed at the door waiting. And although I had some "leaving my babies" anxiety I was able to put my mind at ease knowing that for one,  mama needed this vacation, two I made sure that in my absence they had everything they needed and three they were with their dad. Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for four days, clothes cleaned and ironed for daycare and camp and anything else that would make their lives and their dads easier, was done. Knowing they had healthy meals and they were not leaving out the house looking crazy while I was gone was a win win.



So while the kids were with their dad my travel bff and I were running around Negril Jamaica like two teenagers.  We went on adventures during the day and local parties at night and I do mean local (no tourist stuff). We took hundreds of pictures of each other, hitting those angles with no attitudes about how many more pictures needed to be taken to get that instagram worthy picture. We went to sleep at 4AM and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning or when we felt like it to chase the next adventure. We even managed to get a massage which was totally not on the agenda. To be honest I/we didn't have an itinerary or an agenda when we planned this trip. We had some ideas of what we wanted to do but that's it.  My main goal was to be and feel free for just a few days. To live in the moment without worrying about, did I forget to pay a bill or tuition or something adult like. I literally had my foot on the reset button from momming, adulting ,entrepreneuring, blogging, thinking you name it I was over it.  Visiting a beautiful island with beautiful weather, delicious food, friendly people, amazing sights and music I can whine to was a double dose of "I needed that."



This was self care, self love and self improvement all wrapped in one.  And for mothers in todays society we have to find those moments that are a little longer than a spa day or a therapy session to really reset and reflect. We are hustling everyday for our children, working double shifts, going to school, cooking, cleaning, attending after school activities through sick days, PMS, or moments when we just don't feel like doing anything for anybody.  Even when we have help, a village, a tribe, at the end of the day it still falls on us! So yes switching it up and traveling to an island that you love, indulging in a culture that ignites you, basking in weather that makes you forget there are four seasons is most definitely necessary to break up the monotony and balance it all out.







Where we stayed-

The Beautiful Royalton Negril. We also thought about staying at the RUI (maybe next time).


Where did we party?

Negril is laid back but we still found a few places to turn up at. Montego Bay is more of the party city. The hotel employees will tell you to visit Bourbon Beach but if you really want to party with the locals you'll make you way to the outdoor party behind the Texaco gas station on Sunday nights.  Then there's Mega Monday's don't ask me the exact location (lol)  but all you have to say is I want to go to Mega Mondays and everyone knows what you're talking about and where to take you.  


Day time fun

If you want some day time fun, I fell in love with the water rafting at Martha's Brae in Trelawny .  It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  However its far from Negril, it was about an hour and forty-five minute drive so wake up early, although we went with a private driver so we were able to leave out later. Our raft captain was very nice and informative.  We both took a shot at steering the raft down the river which took more effort than I anticipated but really fun, we giggled the whole time.  I even swung from a tree after a lot of convincing from my dare devil counter part who not only swung from the tree, she also jumped in the river. And of course we went to the infamous Ricks Cafe and had a blast. My friend who apparently is more adventurous then I knew (lol) dived into the ocean here too, coolest thing ever. I on the other hand was chicken and I'm okay with that, maybe next time. It gives me something to look forward too. And for us it'll definitely be a next time, next year thing, maybe you'll join us next time around but remember Mamas Only.









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