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May 31, 2018

Heyyyy Mama! I know I've been MIA but for good and bad reasons. So I have to keep it 100 with y'all about not posting any blogs for so long and to sum it up LIFE got in the way. First everyone in my household was sick with the flu, than my son and/or his dad had my lap top, cracked the screen and I needed to have it replaced which was $700 pill I was not about to swallow for such an old laptop. Then my primary business (The Browtique Microblading Studio) picked up and I was crazy busy (yay for that) and so I fell off with blogging. However through it all I learned lessons and with lessons comes blessings.  


For one I had no business sharing a laptop with a 10 year old and 41 year old while trying to run a business and more importantly a blog. Who does that? How can anyone take me, my business and my blog serious if I'm not.  Not just because of the laptop sharing but other things played a factor with me questioning myself and my dedication to having a success business and blog. So I was stressing and contemplating about what I really wanted to do and how I was going to go about doing it. I also began to stress about not wanting to pay for a new laptop. Then I had to put my big girl panties on, prayed on it and I figured it out.  I knew I've came too far in my business to turn back and I wanted to see it through and plus I love the transformation with permanent makeup. I knew that blogging is something I enjoy, and my goal was bigger than me which is to inspire mamas and women to push through, be great and live life fully and happily. And that's it, I'm pushing through these set backs with a bull dozer! Everything I wanted to do I'm doing. Manifesting is real!


Just to be more specific with you here's what happened. First I went to the apple store applied for financing and wallah paying your bills on time and keeping a decent credit score pays off!! They gave me a nice line of credit which allowed me to get the laptop I wanted.  Took a few days to get approved but nonetheless it came through.  Then I knew I wanted to take a course in permanent makeup so that not only will I learn more techniques (beyond microblading) that will bring in more revenue, I'll also be able to practice in the state of New Jersey. However as always these things cost and this cost had a heavy price tag on it.  So after days of contemplation and I do mean days because I over think everything I received an email from the school out of no where (the last time I called them inquiring about their courses was probably a year ago) offering $500 dollars off of the tuition.  If this was not a sign than I don't know what was. Although $500 didn't put a dent in the total balance it was enough to motivate to me to sign up for the course. Crazy thing is I had no idea how I was going to pay for it but I was down to figure it out none the less. I prayed on it and applied for another credit card. I know what you're thinking all the inquiries on your credit is going to bring that good score down because that was my thought too.  However I was also thinking sometimes you have to take two steps backwards in order to take 10 steps forward. With prayer and optimism once again I was given a hefty credit card limit that even shocked me. All expenses paid for the permanent makeup course and some extra. When I tell you I'm so grateful and ready for all the amazing things that are about to come my way. 


As usual for us Mamas all this productivity, ups and downs I'm still taking care of my monsters going to basketball games and practices at least 3 times a week, going to swimming classes. Still adjusting to moving into a new home. Still commuting to my childrens' old school which means we have to wake up 30 minutes earlier (I love sleep but I'm deprived of it). And more importantly I'm still trying to find some"me time"which btw went MIA a few months ago, so if you run across some please send it my way. Thanks!


And so I'm stepping out on faith again with some amazing projects I'm working on, so please stay tuned and pray for me and send some positivity my way. 


So Mama if I got this, you got this! Push through life because it is not for the weak but you are strong so you'll be fine. 


What's the lesson?

1. Manifestation is real

2. Nothing in life is perfect but you can have it your way

3. Life is what you make it  

4. With faith you must put in extra hard work.  

5. Prayer is essential (I knew that though) 

6. Optimism is a must without it your are fighting a losing battle. 


P. S. Excuse the typos and other errors I'll fix later but if I do it now this blog won't get posted. lol 

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