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The get back

January 30, 2018

So we’re done with the first month of 2018, you had all the intentions on starting a new business or upgrading the business you already have, doing better with self care, getting in shape, eating healthier, organizing your life. Only problem is all of your efforts have fallen flat or you’ve barely made an effort at all.  If you're not sure what that is I'm here to tell you. Those lackadaisical efforts are procrastination at its finest moment. Yes procrastination, also known as resistance, fear, overwhelmed, tired, unenthused, confused, unmotivated, can't figure it out so you quit.  Did you get hit with the procrastination bug? I'm going to be honest, I did. I was doing so well the last quarter of 2017, then I got sick, then the rest of my family got sick with the exception of my son Semaj.  He made sure he stayed at least six feet away from anyone that was plagued with the " 4 week cold" that was going around.  Needless to say I fell off, all the way off.  I know it happens to all of us, the best of us but thats not an excuse, not for me at least. I had to put things into prospective along with some self checking and I began to plan things out and I'm back like I never left, kind of.  


I realized something about myself during my down time (cringing) and that is one of my strengths is, I like to inform, to share knowledge as well as my personal experience, if I know it'll help someone else.  So I decided to share 4 key tools that'll help kick the procrastination plague.


1. Stop talking...

Way to often we talk ourselves right out of doing. We lament about how we're slacking and how we need to get back on track oppose to just getting back on track.  The busier you are the less there is to talk about. The less time you have to think about what you didn't do. 


2. Write it down, Spell it out

Whatever it is you have not completed or even started, you need to right it down and plan it out. We all know how advantageous it is to not only write down our goals but also to write down how we intend to execute those goals. Most of the times it is necessary to write down a step by step plan on how to reach our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Having something tangible to refer to about what you're planning makes a tremendous difference opposed to just talking or thinking about it. Writing your goals and how you plan to execute them is nothing more then a blue print for your future.


3. Any day is good day

How many times have you said "I'm going to start my diet on Monday or I'm going to wait until the weekend when I have the "time" to start working on a project or a new business venture?" No No and No! Start today, start now, do not wait for that perfect day because it doesn't exist. Waiting for a specific day can turn into never, this is a form of resistance. To be blunt its a bunch of bull crap. If you're trying to eat healthy start today, lunch times comes choose healthier options. You need groceries to cook a healthy meal tonight for dinner, order your groceries online. Those groceries will be on your doorstep at whatever time is convenient for you.  If you need any kind of supplies or tools to get your business ventures started or whatever it is you're trying to do, there's a great chance those tools are at your finger tips with sites like google and amazon. You don't have to wait for that perfect day, all you have to do is do.


4.  My why..

My "why" trumps it all. Why I decided to become an entrepreneur, why I decided to start this blog, why I work out and eat healthy. Your why is the root of it all. Once you know what that is and it serves a purpose beyond you, your battery will always recharge itself and you'll be in go mode. And thats where writing down a plan of action comes back in. I went to my notes read over my goals and plans and my "whys" are right there. My "why" is much bigger than me so I have to push through despite my circumstances. 


So there it is, 4 keys to getting back on track. Act now why you still have eleven months to make some magic happen. And remember its all about the get back.



Quotes to consider:


"Failure is not opposite of success its apart of success"-Arianna Huffington


"Be stronger than you excuses"


"Your future depends on what you do today"-Mahatma Gandhi


"You learn more from failure than you do from success"-Michael Crawford


"The key is not to worry about being successful but instead to work toward being significant"-Oprah




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