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All things come to an end

December 30, 2017

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2018 is hours away. This year has truly been one of losses, lessons and light. And I’m so thankful for it all. I suffered my greatest loss (my grandmother) to date this year and I didn't think I would be able to recover from it. To be honest I didn't want to recover, I wanted to sit in that pain but because of my babies I knew I had to push through. And when we’re forced to soul search or figure out the lesson, we often times will learn that wonderful things can happen when you push through hurt, pain, disappointment. 


I experienced a great deal of losses this year but because of my L’s I became vegan, opened up my own microblading studio The Browtique Philly , traveled to a place I’ve never been to before and started this blog. I began to see life for what it is and that’s limited (time wise). We are only on this earth for a limited time so it’s imperative we make the most of it while we can. I know it may sound corny but we have to live our lives to the fullest with no regrets only lessons. We have to move with purpose and yes sometimes with caution but never stop moving. We have to love as if we’ve never loved before but understand that consist of loving ourselves first. We have to see the world for what it is but pray it’ll change for the better. And most importantly we have to secure the bag, build legacies and create wealth within our families and communities.


Lastly I want you to know that I am extremely grateful and appreciative that you decided to take this journey with me by reading my blogs, trying out my recipes, showing me love on social media, I want you to know I'm here for it all.  And because I'm in such a mushy mood I have something special for you to help you start the New Year right! ; ) Look out for another email to find out what it is. 




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December 11, 2018

November 7, 2018

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